EALAI東京大学 東アジア・リベラルアーツ・イニシアティブ


Civil Society and Social Movements in East Asia (2012)

【担当】 鹿毛利枝子(東京大学)、コン・ソッキ(ソウル大学)
【時間】2012年度夏学期 4月13日~6月1日(金曜日15:00-18:00、全7回)
【場所】 駒場キャンパス 情報教育棟4階 遠隔講義室

【使用言語】 英語
【対象】 教養学部の3、4年生・AIKOMプログラムによる短期留学生

Class Schedule

2012.4.13(fri) Course Overview / Introduction to Korean Civil Society

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2012.4.20(fri) Introduction to Japanese Civil Society

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2012.4.27(fri) Contemporary Issues in Korean Civil Society

- Lim, Hyun-Chin and Suk-Ki Kong "Threats or Leverage for Korean Civil Society in Contesting Globalization" in Markus Pohlmann/ Yang, Jonghoe/ Lee, Jong-Hee (eds.) Citizenship and Migration in Europe and Asia: The Flow of Migrants and the perception of Citizenship, Germany: Springer.

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Left Out: People’s Solidarity for Social Progress and the Evolution of Minjung After Authoritarianism, (by Alice S. Kim)download(5.2MB)

2012.5.11(fri) Contemporary Issues in Japanese Civil Society

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2012.5.18(fri) Collaboration between Korean and Japanese Civil Society

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2012.5.25(fri) One more week on Collaboration between Korean and Japanese Civil Society?

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2012.6.1(fri) Wrap-Up: “Towards a Rooted Cosmopolitan” in a Globalizing

-Tarrow, S. (2001). Rooted Cosmopolitans: Transnational Activists in a World of States. Ithaca, NY, Cornell Workshop on Transnational Contention.download(1MB)