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Confucian Culture and Buisiness Organization in East Asia(2012)

 中国人民大学、韓国ソウル大学、東京大学の3大学でのe-lecture「Confucian Culture and Buisiness Organization in East Asia」を下記の要領で実施いたします。多くの学生さんの参加をお待ちしております。(授業は英語で行われます)

  31D350-0440W 31M350-0440W Seminar on Global Society I (GSP)

   We are going to have 3 universities' e-lecture with Renmin University China(RUC) and Seoul National University(SNU) and UT. The title is "Confucian Culture and Buisiness Organization in East Asia". Please come and participate.(the lecture will be held in English)
   This course is designed to provide the student with in-depth understanding of the relationship between Confucian thought and management. This issue will be investigated from three different viewpoints - philosophical, anthropological, and business - by professors from three different countries, China, Korea and Japan. The course is jointly held by the University of Tokyo, Seoul National University, and Renmin University of China.
   The classrooms of those universities are connected with each other by the video conference system, and students of each university will listen to the lecture held in another university and discuss with each other.

   Class starts at:Oct. 10 (a total of 9 times)
   Period : Wednesday 4,5th (14:50-18:00)
   Class room : KALS (17th Bldg 2nd floor)

     *You would be informed the ID&PW to enter this URL at the class.

Prof.Wen Haiming (RUC)
Prof.Han, Kyung-Koo (SNU)
Prof.Shimizu Takashi (UT)

【Class Schedule】
Oct.10 Prof. HAN
Oct.17 Prof. WEN
Oct.24 Prof. WEN
Oct.31 Prof. SHIMIZU
Nov.7 Prof. HAN
Nov.14 Prof. WEN
Nov.21 Prof. Shimizu
Nov.28 Prof. Han
Dec. 5 Prof.Shimizu