2020 Spring Semester

CAMPUS Asia Undergraduate Student Exchange Program


Yuanpei College, Peking University


College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University


The College of Arts and Sciences is accepting applications from undergraduate students who wish to participate in the undergraduate student exchange program with Yuanpei College, Peking University (PKU) and College of Liberal Studies, Seoul National University (SNU) for the academic year starting spring 2020. *The CAMPUS Asia Student Exchange Program will terminate in spring 2021. This is the last call for students who wish to participate in this exchange program during the S semester. The final call for students for the program will be for participants during the A semester, 2020, for which the duration of the program will be for one semester only.


The requirements are as follows.



– Students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students for the whole duration of the exchange program, and must be at least in the second year of the Junior Division as of 1st October, 2019. Taking a leave of absence during the exchange program is not permitted.

*Students from the Faculty of Economics (including students in the second year of the Junior Division who are expected to advance to this faculty during the exchange program) are NOT eligible to apply for this program as the Faculty specifically requires students to take a leave of absence when participating in exchange programs.

– Proficiency in English is required to follow courses and conduct research in an English-speaking environment. Some proficiency in Korean or Chinese is preferred.

– Due to PKU’s regulations, Chinese nationals are not eligible to apply to PKU.

– Due to policies of the Korean government, only Japanese, Chinese, and Korean nationals are eligible to apply to SNU.


2.Student status:

– Students participating in this program will be registered as a “non-degree student” at the host university.

– The student status at UTokyo during the study-abroad period shall be “Study Abroad.”



– Students will be exempt from tuition and other administrative fees. Travel expenses, health insurance coverage and other living expenses will be the responsibility of the participating student.

– Students will be required to stay at the respective university dormitory, and will be eligible to receive one of the following scholarships.

 For PKU: 48,000JPY/month (a dormitory fee of 750CNY/semester will be required)

 For SNU: 800,000KRW/month (a dormitory fee of 130,000KRW/month will be required)

* Please note that if you hold a scholarship from another program at the time of this exchange, you may be ineligible to receive this scholarship for PKU/SNU depending on the regulations of your current scholarship program.




February 2020 to June 2020 (one semester only)


March 2020 to July 2020  (one semester)


March 2020 to January 2021  (two semesters)

* Students are permitted to reside in SNU dormitories during long holidays. The maximum duration of stay for those studying for one semester is until the end of August, and for those staying for one year is until the end of February. Prior application is required, and application will be the responsibility of the participating student.


5.Maximum number of exchange students:

PKU: 2

SNU: 5


6.Required application materials:

– UTokyo Application form  2020S Campus Asia Application Form(EN)

– Study plan at PKU or SNU

– A certificate of English proficiency test such as TOEFL/IELTS



10:00 am on Monday September 30th, 2019


8.How to Apply:

All applications are to be submitted by e-mail to EALAI office

E-mail: ealai@ealai.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp


9.Selection Process:

All applications will be screened, and selected candidates will be invited for an interview. Details to be announced.


10.Important Notes:

– Please note that all participants of this program are required to take out insurance provided by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) “Futai Kaigaku” (付帯海学) covering the entire duration of the exchange period. Costs will NOT be covered by the University of Tokyo.

– As a means of safety management during the period of the program, students may apply for the Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA) from Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. Application is compulsory for second year students of the Junior Division and consult relevant sections of the affiliation which you will belong to during your study-abroad for students in the Senior Division. All expenses are to be met by the participating student.

– Consult relevant sections of the affiliation which you will belong to during your study-abroad for points to note concerning the study-abroad, and fully understand them before submitting your application.


– For students in the second year of the Junior Division, please note that you may not be allowed to participate in the exchange program for a particular semester if you do not meet the specific course requirements of the faculty you wish to advance to, and some faculties do not permit students to advance to the Senior Division while participating in exchange programs. Before submitting your application, please make sure to check with the Senior Division of the faculty you wish to advance to about credit transfer and course registration during and after your participation in the exchange program.

 Some faculties have specific conditions regarding participation in exchange programs. Please make sure to visit the faculty you intend to advance to, and be informed about them before you leave. After you have listened to and understood all the necessary information, please ask the staff member who gave you the explanation to sign or seal the relevant section in the application form.

– For students in the second year of the Junior Division, please note that no special consideration will be given for absence from courses of exams resulting from participation in this exchange program, and such courses or exams will be evaluated as “Absent.” “Absent” is not a valid reason to apply for make-up exams.

– At the partner university, credits shall be granted when specified requirements are satisfied. Whether or not such credits will be approved as credits of the University of Tokyo shall be determined by each faculty. Please consult the relevant section of the affiliation before making the application. Please note that for students in the second year of the Junior Division, credits earned during this exchange program may not be transferred as credits for Junior Division courses.

– After you have been accepted to the exchange program, students in the second year of the Junior Division are required to submit a “Request for Approval to Study Abroad” (留学許可願) to BOTH the Junior Division Section and the Academic Affairs Section of the Faculty you intend to advance to. Please make sure to submit this before leaving Japan for the exchange program.

– After returning from the exchange program, students may be requested to cooperate with initiatives concerning internationalization of the University of Tokyo. When requested, (e.g. submitting reports, participating in reporting meetings or information sessions, advertising study abroad programs and advising students, answering questionnaire surveys etc.), you will be expected to cooperate.


[For inquiries]

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

East Asia Liberal Arts Initiative: EALAI Office Tel: 03-5465-8835 E-mail: ealai@ealai.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp


[For reference]

Peking University: http://dean.pku.edu.cn/englishcourses/

Seoul National University: http://cls.snu.ac.kr/